About Me

Part time nerd, full time beauty hoarder.

On the wrong side of 20s, have way too much make up for one face, taken too many exams for my own good, and own far too many books. I live in the perpetually humid and sunny Singapore most of my life; sometimes I miss the days when I wasn’t, but when I am away I miss the food back here. I count for a living, but somehow fail to keep track of my beauty expenses. I don’t take things too seriously, because I think being happy and true to yourself is the the most important thing in life.

For reference, I have dark brown eyes and naturally reddish dark brown hair of huge volume and thickness. I have very dry skin with occasional hormonal breakouts, but otherwise not acne-prone. I have an illness that renders me highly sensitive to sunlight and frequently causes a inflamed angry rash on my cheeks. My skin tone is light to medium, NC30-35 in MAC foundations and 52-53 in Bourjois foundations.

I’m starting this blog because I own too many things, and have too much to say about them. Join me on my crazy little journey. 🙂


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