The Budget Talk #1: 6mths/S$500

As the US government launches into yet another round of budget and debt ceiling talks, I thought it was time to rethink my own budget as well. I’m not in debt, but I really think I need an intervention; my cupboards are overflowing with things that I cannot possibly finish and I barely have space to walk.

I recently saw this challenge by A Thrifty Mrs – her goal is to just spend 100 quid the entire year. For someone who frequently spends roughly S$500 in a single month on makeup, with even more ridiculous amounts spent during festive months, I don’t think I can manage on just 100 quid, which is about S$200+, the entire year so there was no point in setting myself up an unrealistic goal that will just lead to failure.

So I have set myself a more reasonable target – or challenge – that will allow me to buy what I need and some sneaky cheer-me-ups, but at the same time not enough to go crazy with; I will aim to spend only S$500 on beauty related items for the next 6 months and hopefully in the process, use up a good amount of my stash. Bear in mind the next 6 months include several ‘festive’ events such Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, and my birthday! So this won’t be an easy task for me!

What it will include:

  • Make up of any kind
  • Skin care of any kind
  • Shower gel, body wash, bubble bath, etc
  • Hair products of any kind
  • Deodorant, Perfume
  • Any nail related products
  • Tools such as brushes, sponges, face cloths, etc
  • Shaving products

What it won’t include:

  • Any of the “included items” that I receive as gifts
  • Any medication
  • Oral hygiene products
  • Sanitary products
  • Sun protection
  • Haircuts, facials and brow threading sessions

Now the purpose is not to deprive myself – why would I do that?! I just really want to use up what I have and stop hoarding like there will be no more makeup tomorrow. I don’t think it’s very normal to keep an inventory of more than 10 eye creams, more than a year’s worth of face wash and over 30 green eyeshadows, but that is exactly what I have. Makeup and any beauty related items makes me happy and I don’t intend on ever stop buying them; but I really do have way too much and nobody really needs to spend S$500 a month on makeup.

Wish me luck! I will be updating every month for the next 6 months, starting on 1st October to end of March 2014, on my progress – how much of my budget I have spent and what I’ve spent it on. I think it’ll be interesting to see for myself where my greatest ‘weakness’ is!

If you’re on a similar challenge, or want to join in this challenge as well, do leave a message so we can encourage each other! πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “The Budget Talk #1: 6mths/S$500

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