Haul: Bits & Bobs from Muji

The last week was largely spent mulling over tons of books; I had an exam last Friday, which I am not proud to say that as usual my last-minute nature won and I didn’t prepare very well for it, but thankfully still managed to pass. That explains much of the lull in blog posts, as well as a small haul which I did right after walking out of the exam hall.

I had stuck to my beauty budget so far, and in fact had bought nothing the entire month until this little haul. I have a weakness for Muji with my love for symmetry and clean lines; if I had a house and lots of money, I would redo all my storage system with Muji items, and I have an urge to repack all my beauty products into Muji bottles.

I wasn’t planning to get anything, but once my eye saw this I had to get it – it’s a small little washbag (S$23.90) which is perfect for the gym; my old one was really bulky and I’ve been looking for a new one for ages. I also picked up a little clear bottle (S$1.30) for decanting some makeup remover, as well as a set of spare spatulas (S$1.90) just in case.

It’s a tiny little haul as compared to the usual damage I do, but it did made my day so much better. The little joys in life. šŸ™‚


One thought on “Haul: Bits & Bobs from Muji

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