Random Thoughts: On Life, “Haters”, and Knowing More

A little non-beauty related chat; more so to keep track of my own thoughts and perhaps so that many years later I can look back and see if I have changed, improved or degenerated.

I’ve recently stumbled upon the Coursera website – I think it must have been around for a while now but I only got to see it now. I think it’s an incredible concept – I have signed up for 2 courses, a little too ambitious I think but I will try to finish the courses. I’m just not one to read about the same thing every night, so I thought I’d sign up for 2 different ones to mix up the variety a bit. Let’s see how it goes.

Speaking of courses, I wish people would read more outside of what they learn in school, but I feel this is not an easy notion for fellow Singaporeans to follow. I volunteer as a tutor for disadvantaged/ill children on the weekends and I often find that the emphasis on classroom knowledge to be stifling. I think it’s because we focus so much on the scores that we don’t really care what we learn anymore. But I rant.

Last quick thought; this week a recurring theme seem to be “haters” – a colleague of mine told me about how some clients call up and just simply start scolding her for no reason, and this was also a topic that a taxi uncle brought up during a ride home one night. I was just thinking – maybe some people just like to hate; there isn’t a reason why so, they just want to have someone to blame and their joy is when others are unhappy. Haters are going to be haters no matter what you do; I feel sorry for them. Next time someone throws mean words at you, take it as a reminder that your life is blessed enough to not have to hate.

I have more thoughts running in my head, but it’s the weekend and I’m looking forward to a good rest. I hope everyone have a great weekend too; recharge well for the new week ahead and hope it’s filled with lots of love!


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