Midweek Peek #3: The Boyfriend’s Stash

Weekends are oft spent at the boyfriend’s place and I sometimes have to make do with using his stash when my own selections runs low. It used to be a lot harder to do so – he barely used to use any skincare products, but with years of my influence he has expanded his stash to include some reasonable amounts of products – not enough in my opinion, of course, but no worries, there’s always more time to convince him that he needs an eye cream and a twice weekly mask. I’m working on it. 

A couple of items that I have been nicking when he’s not looking – The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash and Toner. I’m not a very big fan of the scent – it’s pretty strong and medicinal, but that’s a very personal thing and the boyfriend happens to love strong minty scents, which is pretty high up on my list of annoying smells. It doesn’t help that we also have very different skin types as well; he has acne-prone skin, and mine is so dry. But I nick what I can.

Both products feel a bit drying on me, but I find the once-a-week use seems to dissuade the odd zit from appearing. I like the clean-feeling I get afterwards, but I think more frequent use will be too harsh on my skin. I also noticed that the boyfriend’s skin looks much better these days – he says it’s because he has been having more sleep though, but I’d like to think it’s because of the better skincare routine that I’ve introduced into his life.


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