Review: Bifesta Brightup Cleansing Lotion

Another skincare related review; I hope I am not boring everyone! But as I get older I’m finding it more important to have good skin. Don’t get me wrong; I love make up, but having good skin makes everything so much easier. And of course, what goes on must come off. For someone who uses full makeup on a daily basis, removing it all is equally as important.

Previously known as Cleansing Express, Bifesta is Japan’s 1st water-based makeup remover brand. There are four different types of cleansing lotion from the brand to suit different skin types – Age Care, Moist, Sebum and Bright Up; I chose the “Bright Up” version that is meant for dull skin.

I love cleansing waters as a quick way of removing makeup when I’m too tired to go through double cleansing, or just as a last step after using a cleansing oil to make sure that there are nothing left at all and for that totally clean feeling before I go to bed.

I like how the Bifesta cleansing lotion comes with a pump which makes it very convenient to use. The bottle is also clear so it’s easy to see if it’s nearing the end and it comes in a good size of 300ml for $18.90. I don’t detect any scent in this at all.

In terms of efficacy, I would say this is one of the best cleansing waters that I have tried. It removes face makeup very easily without having to rub or tug on the skin, and can remove most eye makeup by soaking the cotton pad and pressing it onto the eye for a few seconds before wiping it off.

But like most cleansing waters, I don’t think it removes waterproof eye makeup very well; there’s always some residue left that I have to ‘tug’ on in order to remove, so I prefer to use the bi-phase eye makeup remover for removing my eye makeup first and followed up by the cleansing waters.

I like that this doesn’t dry out my skin like some other makeup removers and takes so little time to remove an entire face of makeup. I don’t, however, think that it brightens up my skin as expected from its name. Will I buy it again? Definitely; even without considering the price, I already think that this is a great product, and at $18.90 this is a great product at a terrific price!

Rating: 4/5


2 thoughts on “Review: Bifesta Brightup Cleansing Lotion

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