Midweek Peek #4: The Facial Cloth Mask Stash

I admit – I am obsessed with facial cloth masks. I have a big shoe box filled with over 30 facial cloth masks from brands such as The Face Shop, Fancl, Dermal, My Beauty Diary; you name it, I have probably tried it. I love how it’s so easy to apply and so hydrating.

I’m someone who needs her alone time so I love being at home about one or twice a week, turning on the aircon at full blast in my own room (given Singapore is hot all year long) and then putting on a cold facial cloth mask while I watch the latest Korean drama by myself – I find it very therapeutic.

I also bring along facial cloth masks on holidays because the boyfriend loves it as well; we always use them after a long day out sightseeing, putting our legs up and enjoying some together time. It’s almost become a ritual that it doesn’t feel like a holiday if I forget to pack them!

I don’t usually splurge on expensive facial cloth masks because I feel it is such a waste when it is only on the face for 15-30minutes, so I usually stock up on drugstore brands when there is a sale or import them in bulk from Korea or Japan, and then share them out with my family members.

What about you? Have you tried facial cloth masks and what are your thoughts on them? Any favourite ones?


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