Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector SPF 26 PA+++

The Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector  – I’m not sure what to call this; I am inclined to call it a tinted moisturizer as it does not call itself a BB cream, but yet it claims to be a “all-in-1 moisturizer with a BB finish”. What on earth is a BB finish? So it is not a BB cream but it has a BB finish? Never mind, I shall stop ranting about it and see what the brand has to say for themselves.

Claims from the brand:
The 1st BB moisturizer from Garnier that gives you an amazing fairness and provides total solution for fair and perfect skin in a flash. Enriched with BB mineral pigments for a nude coverage and natural long-lasting wear. Skin benefits: 1. More radiant 2. More even-toned 3. Less dark spots 4. Less visible imperfections 5. Reduces redness 6. Smoother 7. More hydrated 8. Less visible lines 9.  Less visible pores 10. Reveals its healthy glow.

So apparently it is a BB moisturizer. Wait, what is a BB moisturizer?! I’m so tired of brands randomly sticking the “BB” on everything (Bourjois, I’m looking at you and your BB glosses). If it is a tinted moisturizer, why not just call it a tinted moisturizer? And what is with the long list of 10 benefits to your skin claims where some of them are practically the same?

If not for the name and all its crazy claims, I actually really liked this tinted moisturizer (yes, I am going to call it a tinted moisturizer). I find that it gives a really nice natural finish and dries down really quickly with a very lightweight feel. It also has a good amount of coverage; it covered most of the discolouration on my face, and all I need is a concealer for spots. I think there is only 1 shade, which blended in perfectly with my NC25/30 skintone.

It’s actually rare for a tinted moisturizer to make my skin feel good and soft without prepping with another moisturizer, but this actually did the trick. On my very dry skin, I find it lasts about half the day, before breaking down quite rapidly to nearly nothing. I usually wear it on the weekends and I love it for a no-makeup makeup day because it’s so natural.

I bought a trial size of it from Watsons for S$2.50 and it lasted me a pretty long time. I actually did the math and if you can find it, it’s better to buy 2-3 tubes of the trial sizes, which gives you more product than if you bought the full size and comes to less than half the price. Just saying.

Rating: 3.5/5


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