The Budget Talk #3: 2nd Month Progress Update

Another quick follow up on The Budget Talk #1 – where I attempt to spend only S$500 on all things beauty for the next six months. The second month was a lot more painful than the first, as I really felt the itch to just buy anything after such a long period (to me) of not splurging. A colleague even noticed it and mentioned that I have not splurged on makeup for a very long time and asked what was going on!

Things I bought in November 2013:
1. Facial Cottons, 2 for S$7.50 but sold 1 to Mum for S$3.50
2. Bioderma Micellaire Solution, S$25.70
3. Vanity Trove Beauty Box, S$25.00
4. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, S$7.98
5. Essence Nail Polish, S$2.90
Total: S$65.58

There were a couple of things that I didn’t need but still bought anyway just because I wanted to – such as the Vanity Trove beauty box and Rimmel concealer. But as I mentioned in the first budget talk, this challenge is not about depriving myself; it’s more to use up what I have while still having fun with makeup within a reasonable range, which I think I still did this month. I actually managed to hold back from all the new Christmas collections so far!

I feel like every month has a new challenge – in November it was the Christmas collections, and in December I will be going to Japan for holiday which is a beauty junkie’s heaven so I really hope that I don’t go crazy there!


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