Random Thoughts #5: Clearing Some “Headspace”

I recently downloaded an app called “Headspace”. I just went through day 1, and thought that some things that they said made a lot of sense.

The app showed a few animated clips at Day 1, and one of them really caught me. It goes along the lines that we often think about how beautiful the blue sky is, but when the dark clouds come, we forget all about it and become all sad and depressed. However, above the dark clouds, the blue sky is still there. Just like how when you take off on a plane in the rain or storm, once you break above the clouds, the sky is still blue and beautiful.

I think that’s really something that people forget when they get bogged down by problems and worries. We get so absorbed in our pain that we forget that it’s not the end, that there is still hope, and above it all, the blue sky is still always there waiting for you to break through the dark clouds.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else there is in “Headspace”. I’ll be going on holiday in a few days, but I have a few scheduled posts that will be uploaded automatically while I’m gone. Meanwhile, I wish everyone Happy Holidays and hope that everyone will have a clear blue sky, or at least realise that the blue sky is waiting for you!


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