The Budget Talk #4: 3rd Month Progress Update

Finally, we’re at the halfway mark of my Budget Talk! And so far I am still keeping well within the budget for this month to stay within my target of spending only S$500 on beauty items for 6 months!

Things I bought in December 2013:
1. Bioderma Micellaire Solution, S$18.90 from an online sale
2. Facial Cottons, S$7.50 for 2 large packs
3. Body Brushes x 3, S$8.50 each but buy 2 get 1 free
4. 2 Essence Nail Polish and a Polish Remover, S$0.69 after using points
Total: S$44.09

Again, I bought lots of weird things that I didn’t really need or even possibly use up; like 3 body brushes? And another Bioderma, just because it was so cheap. I’m really seeing the benefits of keeping a blog – to keep track of where I am throwing my money away!

Now that I know my weaknesses, the next time I go shopping, I will try to think through of what I already have in stock, or whether I really need to buy 2 of the same thing to get 1 free!


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