My 2014 Beauty Resolutions

I’ve seen a few of these posts floating around, and I thought I will do one too! I don’t actually have that many, because I think the more ‘resolutions’ you make, the less resolute you have to actually carry them out. So I will only be making three this year.

#1. Drink more water than coffee
I am someone who treats coffee as my daily H20 intake and I have very dry skin and stained teeth to show for it. So this year, I will try to switch to plain or lightly/healthily flavoured water, as well as cut down on my coffee intake.

#2. Exercise regularly

I’m quite a dormant person; the most exercise I do is getting out of bed and into the office which is then followed by another 9 hours of sitting down. 2013 had been the year where I had taken the most number of sick days from work, and hopefully in 2014, with my new health plans, I will fall sick less and my skin will also look better.

#3. Keep a beauty budget and keep within it
I have 3 months more to completing my last “beauty budget” and so far I am doing well. But now I’m thinking of a longer term solution to my insane addiction – I think to be sustainable, I would need to be able to spend freely once in a while; my plan is to embark on a 4-month cycle where I have a 3 month budget followed by a month of no budget and then repeat that again.

And that’s it! I really hope that I will be able to follow them through. Baby steps. Do you have any Beauty Resolutions too?

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