Haul: Magazine Freebies

A really quick and small haul post – I wanted to put this post up quickly in case anyone in Singapore is interested in grabbing this as well. I was shopping in Kinokuniya bookstore on Saturday when I saw that Cosmopolitan magazine was giving out sets of Skinfood skincare freebies with purchase of the magazine. Being me, I pounced on it. The bf was so shocked when I walked out of a bookstore with a handful of skincare products!

I received a total of 4 gift sets with an emulsion and a toner in each – 2 sets of Watery Berry, 1 set of Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore, and 1 set of Goldkiwi. I had to claim 1 of the sets (the extra Watery Berry set) personally from a Skinfood store with a free voucher included in the magazine.

If you live in Singapore, I believe the deal is still ongoing so grab yours quick! I think it’s a Kinokuniya bookstore exclusive. They’re really small gift sets, but it’s a good variety and I like reading Cosmopolitan anyway so the gifts are just extra perks!


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