Birthday Wishes to Self

It’s my birthday and I wanted to leave myself a message for the year, something to remember, and something to work towards. I hope that I will stumble back on this page a few years back, to see if I have done what I wanted to do, and if not, act as a reminder of what I have not yet done.

I need to stop bitching about things that I don’t have, and work harder to get them. I need to be happier, and not be irritated or frustrated by so many unimportant and insignificant things. I need to learn to let things go. I need to stop using shopping as an outlet for all my problems in life. I must learn to fight for what I want and devote more time for those I love.

I must not be helpless in the face of unfairness with only pouting and sulking as a tool to fight back. I must be independent and be a woman of strength, capable of standing up for myself and to my future husband.

I will not let my children, if I have any, rule my life or fear them; and even more so, I will not let my future husband allow that to happen. I love my mom and dad, but I don’t think it’s right for the husband to take the side of the children when they’re clearly in the wrong, and even more wrong for the husband to allow the kids to think that it’s ok to not respect their parents.

I will not serve because society expects me to, and I will talk back with pride if I have to. I will dance in the rain. I will read more, understand better, and enjoy life as it is.

Another year older, another lesson to learn.


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