Review: Sleek Blush in Flushed

Sleek’s blushes are pretty popular with the online community; I’ve seen lots and lots of reviews on blogs and youtube raving about these blushes, so I had to pick some up for myself! One of the first ones that I tried is Flushed.

The packaging is very simple and, dare I say it, sleek. There are no useless applicators, or wasted space; the entire plastic packaging is filled with the product, with a good size mirror. It is very hard to open though; the clasp is extremely tight, so don’t attempt it with freshly manicured fingers.

Flushed is a deep berry red. This is a very pigmented shade, and it doesn’t blend very well once it’s on the face, so some care is needed in application; I have to use a very light touch and tap off the brush to get rid of any excess powder before swiping on my cheeks. In terms of texture, I find it slightly on the dry side so application is not as smooth, and looks a bit powdery on. This lasts a really long time on me, well past the 8 hour mark.

I like it and I enjoy the ‘flushed’ look it gives me, but I’m not as wow-ed by it in terms of texture and ease of application as what I had expected after all that hype. The pigmentation is great and lasting power is awesome, but it has its flaws and isn’t exactly all that is hyped out to be. I bought mine online for US$5.99 before shipping for 8gms of product.

Rating: 3.5/5


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