The Budget Talk #5: 4th Month Progress Update

I got a little carried away this month, what with being in Japan in the first week, and then it was my birthday month. I kinda gave myself too many presents, and almost wiped out the rest of my budget!! Luckily, I held back on a few items even though there were quite a few irresistible sales online!

Things I bought in January 2014:
1. Japan Haul, shown here, S$96.59
2. Eyecandy Hair Diffuser, S$28.90
3. Tarte Lipsurgence in Fiery, S$36.00
4. Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes, S$3.50
5. ELF Small Stippling Brush, S$8.40
6. Bella Box Jan 14, S$19.90
7. The Body Shop Vitamin E Cleansing Wipes, S$7.90
Total: S$201.19

S$201.19??! There was once I would be totally unfazed by that amount, as I used to spend way more than that on an average month. But now with the budget, it seems like a lot! I was in a bad mood when I went and bought the Tarte lip tint – a total impulse buy. The ELF Small Stippling Brush is way overpriced in Singapore, but I desperately wanted it after Emily from Beauty Broadcast talked about it a million times. I picked up a couple of cleansing wipes as I forgot to bring them to the gym. Then there was the truly regrettable purchase of Bella Box – a mistake I will not make again.

There are 2 more months to go for my S$500/6 months budget goal, and I have $155.24 left to spend – which is not too bad, I think. Here’s hoping that I will be able to keep a tighter rein on my budget next month!


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