Final Swatch #1: Bobbi Brown Bronze Tortoiseshell Eye Palette

A sign that you’re obsessed with makeup is when you start having feelings for your makeup and can’t bear to part with them, even though you have not used them for ages. In my effort to reduce my stash, I gave away some of my old makeup – I know, some may think that this is not nice, but friends who receive them are fully aware of how old these are and wanted them, so I was not going to stop them. Anyway, I wanted to say goodbye to some of the more loved or memorable ones, like a final goodbye to them, for all the colors they’ve brought to my life!

The first up is the Bobbi Brown Bronze Tortoiseshell Eye Palette – this had a lot of sentimental value for me, and I almost didn’t want to give it away but I had not touched it for so long – I can’t even remember when I last touched it! This was the first makeup item that the bf bought for me, along with a makeup class session by Bobbi Brown – that’s when I know I’ve found the perfect bf! 😛 Sadly I didn’t actually use the palette much, as most of the colours look a bit odd on me and were also on the sheer side. I did use one color all the time when I first received it, so there’s a huge dent in one pan. I love the tortoiseshell packaging though!

When this post goes up, this palette would have left my hands forever. But hopefully, it will continue to be loved by someone else! 🙂


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