Midweek Peek #7: Sample Testing with IOPE skincare

Recently got my hands on a trial set of IOPE Super Vital skincare range – with Softener, Emulsion, Serum, Cream and Eye Cream. I’ve gone crazy about Korean skincare lately; I think a lot of Koreans have gorgeous skin. I’ve heard that Koreans have up to 10 steps in their skincare routine!

IOPE is quite a popular skincare brand in Korea, and owned by the giant makeup and skincare company AmorePacific. The products are pricey so I recently bought a trial set online from the Super Vital range to try it out! Just a really quick overview on this set; I think the trial sizes are too small to truly give a review on the efficacy and impact it has made on my skin but I really wanted to do an “initial thoughts” or “first impressions” update on this.

I liked the Softener as it made my skin feel really moist, but the scent is so intensely overpowering. The emulsion feels light and great for day time, even under makeup. The serum is a very lightweight yellow fluid that sinks in immediately and my personal favourite out of the 5 products. The cream feels too thick and heavy; I would say might be better in a cold winter but sadly it’s hot all year round where I live. The eye cream is nice – it’s rather thick but sinks in well without feeling oily.

In all, I thought that this was a rather good set for anyone with dry skin as I do feel that my skin feels well moisturised and soft. However, the one big turn off I had was how almost all of them are so heavily fragranced, especially the Softener. I won’t be purchasing the full size because of how intensely scented the products are – it might not have caused any skin allergies, but it did give me a headache from how strong it smelt!

That’s all for this week’s midweek peek! Have you tried IOPE too?


3 thoughts on “Midweek Peek #7: Sample Testing with IOPE skincare

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