The Budget Talk #6: 5th Month Progress Update

I’m near the end of my 6 months budget and… I am also out of money from my budget! I have all of S$8.19 left to spend for the entire month of March. Plus, Mr Money Bags aka the boyfriend will be out of town for work the next couple of months so I cannot even charm my way to free makeup! It’s really depressing – no boyfriend to keep me company for awhile and no new makeup to cheer me up when he’s not around!

Things I bought in February 2014:
1) Korean Haul of Facial Cloth Masks, Missha First Treatment Essence and IOPE CC Cream, total of S$85.05 on a discount website
2) Powder Foundation with Casing from Estee Lauder, S$62.00 after offsetting $26 with points in my Tangs Card
Total: S$147.05

So there we have it… can I go through an entire month of barely buying makeup? I think it’s really getting very tough, but I am still determined to stick to the budget! I’m pretty sure I still have some vouchers lying around somewhere that I might be able to exchange for things… otherwise… maybe it’s time to remind my parents of their favourite daughter…


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