Review: Essence Pureskin Anti-Spot Gel

I have rather clear skin but when I get a breakout, particularly during the month, they’re always really big and painful. I’ve tried a few pimple creams before, from both high end and drugstore, but I find none of them really worked. I chanced upon this Essence anti-spot gel at a BHG store one day and decided to pick it up since it was less than S$5 for 8ml.

Claims from the packaging:
This transparent gel rapidly dries up spots and impurities and visibly fades post-spot marks, For beautiful and pure skin.

In terms of packaging, this comes in a tube with a pretty small opening, which I like because it’s pretty easy to control how much is squeezed out. It’s gel texture, so it feels extremely light, and does not feel oily or sticky after application; it also dried down quickly after application. 8ml sounds quite little, but a teeny tiny amount is all that’s needed to cover my zits.

I’d glad to say that this is the first anti-spot gel that actually worked for me! I had a few very angry and red pimples, but after using this over night, they were all visibly less inflamed. I have itchy fingers and popped a couple, and the scab healed and dried up so quickly with this!

On the other hand, I think this is quite drying. The skin around where I used this feels quite tight the next morning, and given how fast it dried up the scabs, I won’t be surprised if it’s very strong. Alcohol is also the second ingredient on the list! I would not suggest using this as an acne treatment or all over the face, but purely as a treatment for the odd spot, I think it works.

Definitely will repurchase; love it!

Rating: 4.5/5


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