Store Swatch #1: Clio Lipnicure

A really quick post on some swatches in store, I was in the mood for some makeup browsing and before I knew it I had the whole line of Clio’s Lipnicure swatched out on my hand! Please ignore the small skinny pink line at the end, I was swatching a pink eyeliner!

Clio is a Korean beauty brand with pretty affordable prices and has quite a wide array of products; one of their most well known item is the Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liners. Its Lipnicure is like a liquid lipstick, meant to be “longer lasting than manicure”, and costs S$19.90 each.

From top to bottom on the swatch: Nasty Pink, Crime Pink, Revenge Pink, Rumor Coral, Tension Red, Guilty Pink

From the swatches, the pigmentation is out of this world and really stays on! I tried to wipe it off after swatching and letting them set for a couple of minutes (not on purpose, I wanted to take pictures) but they refused to budge; I had to use a normal wet wipe (did not have makeup wipe then) but there were significant staining on my hand for the rest of day.

I’m thinking of picking up a couple real soon – which one would you pick?


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