Random Thoughts #6: Size & Packaging Does Matter

A really random post – I was just blown away by how nicely packed this sample was that I had to show it. Note that this is an entirely free product – no hidden shipping fee, no purchase with purchase; it was a free product with no shipping cost that I got through Sample Store.

The product was really nice as well – I got the Brands Innershine Marine Collagen Essence Strip. The taste is somewhat fruity and does not have the fishy scent like most collagen products. Plus, it came with its own nice packaging too with a reasonable amount of samples!

I find that samples that are too tiny actually does the opposite effect for the companies or the products that they’re promoting – if I tried them and the samples are enough for me to see some results, then I will most likely buy them. But if I’ve tried them but not enough for the product to take effect, I most likely won’t bother to buy the entire bottle. If there were no samples, then I might actually buy the entire bottle to try. So you see, it’s actually a negative if they gave out samples but in too small a size!

So there goes my random thoughts for the moment, hope all of you have a nice weekend filled with love and makeup!


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