Review: Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain in Cranberry Crush

A quick review today on something that I’ve been enjoying – the Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain. Please pardon my not very sexy pout – I seem to be over enthusiastic when I was putting it on! I have this in Cranberry Crush, which is a berry shade. This can be bought from the US at US$2.99, with a total of 8 shades.

Claims from website:
• Moisturizing Balm Infused with a Light-Weight Stain
• Applies with a Glossy Finish; Transforms into Perfect Flush of Color
• Long-Lasting, Retractable, Paraben-Free

In terms of packaging, this is similar to other jumbo sticks on the market – like a crayon that can be twisted up to reveal more product. I love all jumbo sticks’ packaging, as I find them very easy to use and convenient. There is a slight sweet scent, but I don’t find it very significant.

Formula wise, I do find them moisturizing, though not as much as a regular lip balm, and feels very comfortable on without being oily or slimy. I would not say that they are very lightweight, as I do feel that I wearing something – I think it’s because of the waxy formula.

In the picture I have on a very light application for a soft berry look, but it can be layered on for more intensity. I love how the colour looks on me, and when freshly applied, it has a nice shine on it. The shine wears off rather quickly, but a softer stain is left behind, at least for the Cranberry Crush shade, which lasts for a few hours – I had these on before work and could still see some color on my usually vampire-pale lips by lunch time.

In all, I really enjoyed this and at US$2.99, they are a bargain! If it was easier to get my hands on some, without having to pay hefty shipping fees, I definitely would get more! Have you tried them yet?

Rating: 4/5

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