The Budget Talk #7: The 6th and Final Month Progress Update

Finally, we’ve come to the 6th and final month of my 6-months budget challenge – something that I set myself to achieve because I had way too much products in my house to humanly finish in my lifetime.

Things I bought in March 2014:
1) 2x rolls of Cotton Pads, S$3.50 for 2
2) 2x Watsons Nail Polish Remover, S$2.80 for 2 after offsetting S$3 with points in my Watsons card
Total: S$6.30

Grand Total for 6 months: S$498.11

So it was a success! I did manage to stay within my budget of spending within S$500 in 6 months, although just barely. After 6 months of living on a budget, and focusing on using what I already have, I think it has been a good experience and one that I might do again as my mountain of stash, though slightly smaller now, is still quite too much for one person.

I must say that my bank account has been thanking me a lot the past 6 months for the budget; for once I saw some savings. No more $500 a month bills that goes into things that are just chucked aside after a few swatches, and the number of half used bottles just lying around have gone down a lot so I actually got back a lot of my room space!

I think I’m quite proud of how much I have done; it hasn’t been easy because I love beauty products way too much but sometimes I think we need to think about what we already have and why we are buying so much. Plus all the other things that we could do with the money – for me, I’ll be spending them on a holiday trip or two this year! 🙂


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