Skincare from Within #2: Eating Your Way to Beautiful Skin?

I wrote about taking vitamins and supplements to boost my skincare some time ago, and I think that I have been quite good on that front. I do sometimes forget to take it, but I think my skin condition do seem to have some improvement ever since I started taking them frequently.

Recently I saw this restaurant, called Tsukada Nojo, with a signature dish called the Bijin Nabe (美人锅 or beauty hotpot)! So being a sucker for anything that claims to be able to make me prettier, I went for it.

So the Bijin Nabe is actually a hotpot that uses a soup base of collagen-rich chicken broth, made from boiling free-range Jidori chicken for over 8 hours, without any MSG. It is served with a good variety of organic vegetables, shrimps, chicken meatballs and other nutritional ingredients.

It was quite an amusing experience – the hotpot came with concentrated lumps that looks like pudding, which melted quickly into soup. Now, I don’t really know if eating collagen this way works to enhance beauty, but one thing that I have to say for sure – the soup is so delicious! It’s very rich and creamy, not too salty, and the fresh vegetables helps to offset some of the richness so it’s not too overwhelming.

At S$25 per person, I would definitely go back for more, even if it doesn’t really do anything for my skin! But I hope it does!


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