Haul: Sample Store Shopping

I saw a few interesting items on Sample Store recently and decided to pick them up; the items are free, but you do have to pay S$5.90 per checkout, which I think is quite expensive for shipping. But considering each checkout has a maximum of 4 items (and I mean types, so 5 foil packets of anything is considered 1 item), whereas beauty box subscriptions costs S$20 to S$25 for a box of 5-6 items, it seems quite reasonable in comparison.

Things I picked up:
1) 1x Vardi & Migdal Collagen Gold Powder Crystal Eye Mask
2) 1x Neogence Ace Renewal & Repairing Mask
3) 5x foil packets of Rachel K Mineral CC Cream
4) 4x foil packets of Oceaniq 3D Anti wrinkle Total Solution CC SPF30
5) 2x foil packets of La Roche Posay Uvidea
6) 3x small tubes of Bioderma Sebum H20 Solution Micellaire
7) 1x Lierac Mesolift Serum
8) 1x Bio-essence Bio Spring Water 25ml

I got all of these with 2 S$5.90 checkouts, bringing it to S$11.80 in total. I honestly think its quite reasonable, and a great way to try out new items! There are also some “sponsored samples” where checkout is totally free – but there are not a lot of them. Granted, the brands may not be as high-end or unique as the beauty box subscriptions, but it also means that if you like the products, they are easily available and affordable to actually purchase the full size product! Win!


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