Review: Love More Deep Hydrating Aqua Brulee

LoveMore is a Taiwanese brand that is more well known for their sheet masks – under the brands “LoveMore” and “SexyLook”. I have not heard of any other products from the brand so when I received the Aqua Brulee from a Vanity Trove beauty box, I wasn’t that excited to try it out so I kept it in my stash for a few months before finally digging it out recently to give it a go.

Claims on Vanity Trove website:
Moisture Lock + Repairing + Firming! Love More Aqua Brulee’s benefits on the skin are visible. Prolonged usage helps refine skin complexion. No more oily, dry and peeling skin. Best of all? No wrinkly skin!

Aqua Brulee is meant to be a deep hydrating moisturizer. I really like the texture – it’s gel form, so it has a cooling and soothing effect when applied to the skin. I find that it absorbs really fast into the skin as well, without leaving a tacky feeling. It’s quite lightly scented, but it’s not too strong and smells rather fresh, and does not irritate my skin.

On the flip side, however, I don’t actually find it to be that effective at “deep hydrating”. Because of how quickly it absorbed, after the initial soothing effect, I find my skin just as dry as before, as if I have not used any moisturizer. I also don’t think it did anything to refine my skin complexion.

The packaging is a bit bulky, in a really big round pot with a big screw on cap, but I think it looks quite cute. I don’t really like moisturizers in a pot, because I enjoy pumps more and hate the thought of sticking my fingers and germs into the pot, but a lot of brands – even high end ones – does it.

At S$26.90, I think the price is okay. It’s not too expensive but would not recommend this for anyone with dry skin looking for a hydrating cream. I think it might be suitable for oily skins though, given how quickly it absorbed so if you have oily skin, you might want to give it a go!

Rating: 3/5


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