Haul: Weekend Trip to Inglot

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great long weekend, whether or not you celebrate Easter! I’m just happy for the public holiday – sure came at a good time because I was feeling a little burnt out from work! Anyway, the bf decided that we should travel up to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a short weekend trip; so we did. We do that quite often when we want a really cheap holiday; it’s only an hour’s flight, and the hotels and food are so much cheaper than back home so it’s better than doing a staycation.

I managed to bug the bf into bringing me to Mid Valley Megamall because I was dying to get some Inglot cosmetics! We don’t have them here in Singapore, and every time we travel to KL he’s avoided the malls with Inglot (because he knows me too well) but this time he caved! Well, with conditions – I did promise him that I would only buy a handful of items.

So on to my haul! I picked up a Freedom Palette, and filled it with AMC Blush 54 – a berry pink that’s so smooth and buttery. Beside it is 3 eyeshadows; the Rainbow Eye Shadow 124 is a trio of shimmery Pink, Red and Maroon – I chose this on a wimp because the bf said my initial choices were so boring. The Rainbow Eye Shadow 107 is a trio of matte browns, followed by the Eye Shadow in DS 460, which is such a gorgeous taupe to me but the bf called it “another boring brown”. Last but not least, is an Eyeliner Gel in Matte 75; a really dark eggplant color!

So that’s it! Hope my haul was interesting; I always love reading about other people’s hauls! What else do you think I should have picked up from Inglot?


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