Review: Make Up Store Home Spa Brush Cleansing Soap

Cleaning brushes used to be such a chore – if you use brushes to put on liquid or cream foundation, you will know how painful it is to clean them, especially after some time. I used to lug all the brushes I’ve used over 2 weeks to deep clean at one shot, which means bending over the sink for over 2 hours trying to get all the gunk out. But everything changed since I bought this Make Up Store Home Spa Brush Cleansing Soap. Unlike its really long name, this product makes cleaning brushes so quick and easy!

The soap comes in a little black plastic case, and is shrink wrapped. The soap itself is a thick round block weighing 120g, with its logo imprinted on it. To clean the brushes, all I do is slightly wet them, and swirl it on the soap. If it’s too dry, just add more water and continue swirling. Then rinse.

I find the soap cleans so quickly – it takes less than a minute to clean a brush, and my whole cleaning session for 2 weeks worth of brushes is done in half an hour, as all it takes is a few swirls on the soap followed by rinsing. Something in the product just removes all the gunk in record speed time!

My white-bristled brushes also swiftly turn back to white, which was nearly impossible or took so much effort when I was still using baby shampoo or Daiso detergent! For brushes with more-than-two-weeks foundation lodged in them, I do the same – swirling on the soap – then followed by more swirling on my palms to sud it up more.

Before I bought this, I was using the Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge; back then, I thought it worked very well in getting rid of products from my brushes. But after a while, I found that my brush hairs were getting a bit scratchier and definitely drier. I’ve been using the Make Up Store soap for a while, and did not notice any of my brushes’ texture changing.

This soap costs S$25, which is really expensive for a bar of soap. But honestly, it was S$25 very well spent, and I would spend it over and over again. It takes me more than 3 months to use up the soap. Brushes can be really expensive, but with good care, they can actually last really long. Not to mention all the time that I have saved on cleaning brushes!

Rating: 4.5/5


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