Random Thoughts #8: Weekend Getaway in Jogyakarta

Last weekend was Labour Day in Singapore and we decided to take a quick trip down to Jogyakarta, a city in Indonesia. To be honest, I had no knowledge of its history or culture up to 2 weeks prior to visiting – all I knew was that the air ticket was cheap. Only when I started to find out where to go and what to do did I realise how much there were.

When we were there, we decided that waking up at 330am to see the sunrise at the top of the Borobudur temples sounded like a great idea. I have to say that it actually was – the sight was really beautiful, the cool weather perfect for climbing the numerous stairs and no crowds. We did feel like crap towards mid day from sleep deprivation and the disruption of our sleep cycle. But if we were to do it again, I would still go at 330am where we could admire the scenery in peace.

We also watched the Ramayana ballet while we were there; while the story was complicated (based on an epic Hindu poem) and the dance a far-cry from what I had expected “ballet” to be, it was still a very interesting experience. The sound effects with traditional musical instruments and props (with a huge real live fire on set) were really a sight to see.

That’s all for this weekend’s random thoughts – just wanted to share my experience in Jogyakarta. Hope everyone’ll have a great weekend and try something new – whether it is makeup related or not!


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