Final Swatch #5: MUA Immaculate Collection

An item that has been collecting dust is the MUA Immaculate Collection palette – an eyeshadow palette that is filled with 24 shades, as well as come in different textures. The pigmentation is pretty good and the texture nice and smooth for the shimmery shades, but lacklustre on the matte ones – they’re very sheer, hard and very hard to pick up any colour or blend.

I find myself barely reaching for this palette as the nice shimmer shades are also the louder colours – like bright blue and pinks – which I don’t really wear on a normal daily basis. Plus there are way too many blue shades in one palette – I don’t like blue eyeshadow on me. I did like the few shimmery brown shades, but I have too many of these anyway.

So it’s once again, a goodbye to another eyeshadow palette. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a nice shimmery eyeshadow palette though; it’s just not for me. This now belongs to a friend with a penchant for bright makeup looks – I’m glad it won’t be neglected anymore.


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