Review: Marc Jacobs Style Eye-con No. 7 in 208 The Vamp

A recent trip to Sephora brought this gorgeous baby back home with me – the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-con No. 7 in 208 The Vamp. This retails for S$90, but I did have some gift vouchers (courtesy of the bf) which I used on it, so it felt a lot more affordable as I only ended up paying S$40. But was this worth the S$90 and would I pay the full price for it?

The packaging is really lovely – it comes with a sleek slim box, as well as a black canvas sleeve to keep the palette in. The palette itself is also very slim and long; it’s made of a black shiny plastic with a long mirror inside. There’s also a sponge-tip applicator, which I don’t use. Aesthetically it feels really luxurious – it is an expensive item, and it looked and felt like one.

Opening the palette reveals 7 eyeshadow colors – hence the name Style Eye-con No.7. The Vamp comes with midnight blue with iridescent shimmer, silver taupe sheen, matte off-white, metallic burgundy, metallic jade green, metallic golden brown, black with iridescent shimmer (color description is taken from Sephora website).

The lovely sun was shining through the window so I decided to take a few more photos. A little interesting fact – I originally wanted the neutrals palette but because the bf was technically sponsoring (he gave me the vouchers), I let him choose and he picked this one – he thought it stands out and that I will wear it more versus other louder ones. I think he chose well.

The eye shadows are buttery soft, and very pigmented. Obviously the colours won’t show up the same in swatches versus real life application. It looks quite patchy in my swatch photos but I promise they go onto the eye beautifully. The only one that goes on quite sheer is the matte off-white, which I thought was better that way and acts as a brow highlight beautifully. I find it blends very well and it lasts well throughout the day with a primer.

One drawback though is that it’s not easy to make a lot of looks solely with this palette – I find myself having to use other eyeshadows to compliment this. For example, I could do a neutral eye with the off-white and brown, but I would have to bring in a light brown as transition shade.

Was it worth the S$90? I would say absolutely YES. I love the texture and just how well it applies on my eyes, and the palette itself is so aesthetically pleasing and feels so luxurious. This actually costs less than the Dior 5-Couleurs palette that I have been collecting for years, and the eyeshadow quality is generally better and more consistent. I might just be picking up a few more even if it breaks my bank account…

Rating: 4/5


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