MAC Me Over #2: Most Treasured MAC LE Collection

MAC comes out with a limited edition collection ever so often – once upon a time I bought at least an item from every single collection, regardless of whether I really liked the item or not, because I just have to own something from every collection. It didn’t make sense, but I was too obsessed to care.

Nowadays I’ve learnt to control my spending urges, and I was tired of it all – MAC just launched way too many items in a year, with many products from the LE collections having lower quality than usual, or even ‘relaunches’ of current items, just with nice packaging and a higher price tag.

But there are also collections that I could not bring myself to not buy – even if the quality was not there or are colors that I will never use! One of them is the Archie’s Girls collection! I’ve loved Archie comics as a kid, and now and then when I feel stressed out I will still grab a couple to ‘escape’.

I totally love the packaging for this! I have to say this is in fact my most treasured MAC LE collection of all! The products are really quite mehhh if I were to be honest, except for the blushes which are great, but I absolutely am in love with the Archie prints. I hope the prints will never fade.

Do you have a treasured MAC item/collection as well? 🙂


2 thoughts on “MAC Me Over #2: Most Treasured MAC LE Collection

  1. Those are adorable!!! I’m still gutted over the Hello Kitty collection Mac did a few years ago. I am OBSESSED with Hello Kitty but I had just got made redundant and it was a case of food, bills or make-up. I still think about it to this day 😦

    • Yeah they are so cute right!!! If only the quality of the product itself was a lot better… Awww I didn’t get any Hello Kitty ones myself too – I remember it being sold out before I could even see them because there were so many people buying multiples of everything to resell!!

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