Midweek Peek #11: Falling back in love with Tom Ford

Hi everyone! Just wanted to show something that I have been loving – the Tom Ford Cognac Sable. The bf bought this for me some time ago – I loved it so much when I first got it, then new products came into my life and I neglected it. I recently rummaged through my makeup drawer and rediscovered it. I can still remember my bf’s very shocked face when he saw the bill for a small quad came up to SGD100; sadly I have to say that he has not bought me any more Tom Ford palettes after this one.

I’m so glad that I’ve found this again. I love the packaging, and the color selection is so easy to use on an everyday basis. Cognac Sable is a rather warm palette and it comes with 3 satiny shades of a peach beige, a warm brown and a dark purple-ish chocolate with a really shimmery and sparkly copper shade. The 3 satiny shades make for a good day time look, easily topped off with some of the copper sparkly shade after work for an evening look. The pigmentation is really good, the texture is nice and smooth, and the staying power is fantastic.

Now that I’ve been reunited with this, I’m looking forward to adding more Tom Ford palettes to my collection!


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