Final Swatch #6: Eyecandy Wind Spin Magic Hair Curl Diffuser

There really isn’t any swatching involved with this item – but it is a beauty product that I am letting go and it is the Eyecandy Wind Spin Magic Hair Curl Diffuser. At point of purchase it sounded like a very clever idea – the diffuser is attached to the hairdryer; all you have to do is grab a bunch of hair and place it into the diffuser so that the hair will “tumble” and curl itself as the hairdryer dries it. No direct heating iron in contact with my hair involved, while still getting beautiful curls; yes please, bought it.

In theory it was amazing but in terms of practical use, this failed massively. Perhaps my hair was just not long enough, or I had too much hair, or my hair was too thick – it did not curl my hair in any way. My hair dryer is pretty powerful, but all it did was make drying my hair take much longer than it had to because I could only put a few strands into the diffuser at a time to blow.

I have passed this on to a friend with much finer and less hair than I do to see if it will work for her and I don’t think I’ll be missing it much!


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