Review: ElishaCoy Vivid Party Magic Lipstick in #4 Grape Fruit

Today I have a review on a lipstick that I bought on a whim – I saw some lipsticks in rather shocking shades so I decided to have a closer look; then I saw that it changes colour according to my body heat and click, it went into my shopping basket. What can I say – I am a sucker for gimmicks! I bought this ElishaCoy Vivid Party Magic Lipstick in shade #4 Grape Fruit from the Bella Box web shop at S$12, with 3g of product.

Claims from Bella Box web shop:
Each unique color transforms to a beautiful pink shade (from your body heat) that does more for your lips health-wise than virtually any other lipstick. Natural oils like Grape Seed, Argan and Pomegranate, as well as Shea Butter combine for intense moisture and all-natural environmental protection. Vivid Party Lipstick actually acts as a primer, a lip tint, lipstick, liner, fixer and balm. Oh, and it also has UV protection! It lasts all day without smudging and never leaves your lips feeling sticky.

Now that is a lot of claims for one lipstick! Does it live up to all its claims?

In terms of packaging, it comes in a little black paper/cardboard box. The lipstick itself is in very light plastic with a very “plastic” feel – it’s one of the lightest I’ve had and feels rather cheap. Personally, I don’t actually mind the packaging that much but the “plastic”-ness makes it feel like a toy.

I picked the shade #4 Grape Fruit which is a muted purple shade. It looks quite scary in the tube, but as it’s supposed to change colour according to your body heat, this turns to a very light pink on the lips. I find it very sheer, but looks actually really nice. One coat gives a very light slightly-purplish pink tint to the lips – I don’t find the color very buildable.

As for its other claims, this definitely does not “last all day”. With 1 to 2 coats, the tint itself lasts about 2 hours on me. It glides on smoothly and feels really comfortable on the lips, and does not feel sticky or oily at all – but it’s also not intensely moisturising as claimed. There is a fruity scent to it but it’s not too obnoxious – and it’s also not a Grape Fruit scent.

Honestly, I really enjoyed this lipstick. I like the nice light pink tint – it’s a very pretty my-lips-but-better shade with a slight glossiness that makes it look plump and juicy. I also find that it smooths the lines in my lips. I only wish that it did not make as many claims as it did because I really think this is a really nice lipstick/tinted balm.

Rating: 3/5 because it did not live up to all the claims!


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