Review: Make Up Store Blush in Spice Muffin

A recent rummage in my stash brought out a little gem – one I have totally forgotten that I had, and it is the Make Up Store’s blush in Spice Muffin. Make Up Store is a leading Swedish makeup brand that I feel is really underrated – I don’t often hear about this brand, but they carry a huge variety of blush, lipsticks, nailpolishes and also make my favourite brush cleansing soap (reviewed here). So do they deserve more attention?

First of all, I totally love the name of the blush but a pity it does not smell at all like spice muffins. The blush comes in a small black plastic packaging which flips open, without a mirror, and holds 2.5g of product. The blush is made in Canada. In the jar, there are small silver shimmers but when applied, the shimmers are not visible and I would describe it as muted matte warm pink shade which I think is really pretty on my rather fair skin but I have a nagging feeling it might look chalky/grey/dull on coloured skin.

The texture is lovely – it’s very smooth, very fine and easily blend-able. Pigmentation is great – it doesn’t take a lot of product to show up, although it is slightly powdery and a slight tap with a fluffy brush can pick up a lot of product so I have to be careful to tap off the excess before putting it directly onto my cheeks. On my dry skin, the blush held on for over half the day, which is a pretty good record for me.

All in all, I do really like this blush and I can’t remember why I stopped using it! I think I will be going back to Make Up Store for more soon. 🙂

Rating: 4/5


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