Review: Rimmel Match Perfection Light Perfecting Cream Compact Foundation

I’ve been looking for a good cream compact foundation as it seems like a great idea – no more fussing with a liquid product and risk spilling or breaking the bottle, especially when I’m travelling – so when I saw this Rimmel Match Perfection Light Perfecting Cream Compact Foundation on 20% sale from its RRP of GBP 7.49 on ASOS, with free shipping, I snatched it up in shade 201 Classic Beige. So how did this foundation fair?

Claims on website:
Creamy, smooth texture for a natural finish. Traceless coverage and perfectly flawless skin, last up to 9 hours. Easy to apply and to blend.

The product comes in a little square blue plastic box with a clear lid and 2 levels – the foundation is in the top level, while a very flat thin sponge is stored at the bottom. The plastic box feels cheap and light, but it’s sturdy and closes shut very well so there’s no risk of it opening up in your bag when you throw it around. I personally find the sponge not very useful for applying this, because it’s very thin and not easy to hold.

Left to Right: Bare skin, With Foundation, Foundation + Translucent Powder

To apply, I usually use a buffing brush to buff it into my skin. The product is very thick and creamy – but does not take too much effort to blend in and dries down very quickly on my dry skin. Although it does dry down, I can still feel some moisture left behind – like a slightly oily film. On me, it makes my skin look very natural, not matte, and with no dry patches showing – but I think oily skin girls might not find this suitable.

The coverage is okay – about light to medium coverage. In person, I think my skin looks really good with this, even without concealor – but I have also been very fortunate lately in that I haven’t had troublesome zits so there aren’t many things to cover. I have some pigmentation on my face and this covers about 70% of it. The longevity is not as great as is claimed; this does not really last 9 hours on me – I find it breaking down by mid day.

One negative thing is its size – it’s only 7g, as compared to the usual 30ml for liquid foundation. I’ve been using this for less than a month, and I’ve used up about half of it. I guess if I multiplied it by the usual amount that’s in liquid foundations, then this is rather expensive! Also, the product is very thick – and it feels so; I can feel it on my skin even after it dries down.

In all, I like this compact foundation – it’s so convenient for travelling and it’s cheap enough that if I lose it, I won’t be too upset. Most of the compact foundation I’ve seen around are from the high end brands, so this makes a really good alternative. I like how natural this makes my skin look, but it’s not a “love” because of the heavy feeling, amount of product and longevity.

Rating: 3.5/5


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