Review: Koyudo Fu-Pa14 Brush

One of my more recent but rapidly growing obsession is makeup brushes. I’ve learnt it is almost always easier to work with an average makeup item and a fantastic brush, than an amazing product with a lousy brush.

One of my favourite place to read about makeup brushes is Sweet Makeup Temptations – the blog is an amazing and informative read for anyone loves makeup brushes. Most of the brushes mentioned there are pretty high end; I personally like it that way so I know what is worth splurging on. After reading her blog, I felt compelled to grab the Koyudo Fu-Pa14.

The Koyudo Fu-Pa14 is a powder brush and costs about S$80. Because it’s hand made, it took about a month for the brush to be made and sent from the date of ordering. Made of a blend of gray squirrel fur and baby goat chest hair, it’s short, with a flat and rounded top, and a black handle with gold ferrule. It is very densely packed, and not floppy at all.

The brush is so soft to the touch, and fluffy and bouncy. I have to say that it is one of the softest in my whole collection of makeup brushes; some of the brands that I own are MAC, Real Techniques, Ecotools and Sigma – none of them can compare to the softness of this brush. I could just touch it all day!

For size comparison, the Koyudo Fu-Pa14 brush is placed beside the Sigma Flat Kabuki F80. The handle is significantly shorter than the Sigma, and the hairs are much softer, fluffier and bigger.

It’s stated to be suitable for use with “powder and cheek colour”. However, the brush is pretty big and dense so I find it impossible for my average sized cheeks. I use this mainly for powder and mineral foundations. This gives an even coverage very quickly and I just love using this to buff powder all over my face because it feels so good! I don’t like it for loose translucent powder though as it’s hard to apply a light dusting of powder given how dense it is.

This brush does shed in the initial washes, but the shedding stopped after the third time or so I washed it. When I first started using it, I was so worried about the shedding but now it does not happen anymore.

In all, I really do love the texture of this brush – the hair is seriously SO soft and feels amazing on the face. However, if you don’t use powder/mineral foundations, I don’t think it will be a necessary brush. But if you’re crazy about makeup like me, I would just get it to feel how soft the hair is. 😛

Rating: 4.5/5


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