Monday Masking #1: Vardi & Migdal Gold Eye Mask

Like many people with a 9-5 job spanning Monday to Fridays, Monday is my least favourite day of the week and I usually don’t schedule anything after work on Mondays, preferring to stay at home for a good ‘home spa’ session to cheer myself up – mostly with a good long shower followed by some kind of facial mask, sometimes a foot soak, with a book or tv show.

Today’s mask of choice is the Vardi & Migdal Gold Eye Mask. I believe I got this from Sample Store some time ago so I did not pay for it besides the shipping fee. This eye mask claims to be formulated with collagen, gold powder and active anti-aging ingredients which instantly moisturizes, rehydrates and regenerates the delicate eye area – and with daily use, it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, minimize eye-bags and fade dark circles.

I did enjoy the texture of the eye mask – it feels a little jelly like and was cooling to the skin; I felt pretty refreshed after using it. A quick check on the Sample Store page showed that 1 pair of this costs S$20! Holy cow! If I can afford to use a $20 eye mask on a daily basis as mentioned in its claims, which translates to over S$600 a month, I must be rich and don’t have to work anymore… then why would I still have eyebags?! I’m sorry but I have to say – I can’t afford to use this daily to observe if its claims are true, and I doubt that it will be worth it to try.


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