Review: Healgel Intensive

I’m going to come right off to say 1) i love this product 2) i think the effects are amazing and 3) i don’t have the pictures to prove how amazing it is. I got this Healgel Intensive from the feelunique website a long time ago – they had a 20% discount code going on so I went and grabbed this without having done any research on it, and I’m damn glad I did.

Claims on box:
HealGel Intensive is a multi active formula that helps to speed recovery and resolve a wide range of skin problems. It is easily absorbed, naturally aromatic, non-oily and suitable for all skin types. This cooling gel provides a protective barrier allowing the intensely active ingredients to work beneath the surface of your skin. Arnica and Madecassoside are suspended with powerful peptides and biodynes to initiate a uniquely soothing and collagen boosting process.

This product comes in a light and nice little pump bottle. It’s not clear, but it is transparent so I can see exactly how much is left as I use it. I know it’s not a big deal but I love it when I can see how much is left and I love pump bottles – it’s convenient and hygienic. The pump is also very well made; I can control how much I want easily unlike some pumps that just squirts out uncontrollably.

The product itself is like a gel and feels very silicone-based; Dimethicone is the second ingredient and this may scare some people off, but I don’t have an issue with silicone products. Because it’s a gel, you do have to massage it in because it’s not fluid – otherwise it will just stay in its blob shape. But once smoothed out, it feels really light, not sticky at all and dry to the touch. It feels like I’ve just put on a silicone-based primer really; it’s not moisturizing, but it also does not claim to be a moisturizer.

When I started using this, I had a few freshly picked pimples on my forehead and cheeks area – I had a pretty bad hormonal breakout, and I have itchy fingers so I ended up with a painful scab on my forehead! I do this pretty much every few months when the old scars have healed and I’ve forgotten that I should not be doing that. It usually takes me at least a month for the scab to fully heal and the scar mark gone, but after using this consistently for just slightly over a week in the mornings before my makeup, I realised that I didn’t really have a scar to cover! Just after a week!

Because of its silicone based ingredients, this also worked really well as a primer before makeup – which is why I prefer to use this in the mornings only. I think this is meant to be a treatment for specific areas, like spots and scars – so if you’re worried about the silicone or about its pretty high cost, you could just use it where you need help but I use it all over my face anyway. I think it’s a bloody brilliant product, even at GBP37.50 for a small 30ml bottle.

I’m thinking of picking up the HealGel Face and HealGel Eye next. What about you? Have you tried anything from the HealGel range?

Rating: 4.5/5


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