Beauty 101 #1: Double Cleansing

As a skincare-obsessed person, I can’t stress enough the importance of good cleansing every night. Imagine all the dust and dirt, as well as makeup residue, after a whole day! I honestly enjoy a really good cleanse at the end of the day – I never feel fully at home and relaxed until my skin feels fresh and clean. I don’t always clean my face in the same way – but if I have the time and energy, I would do a good double cleanse.

Double cleansing is thought to be an essential step in Japanese skincare although I don’t know if it originated from Japan!

What is double cleansing?
Double cleansing is a separate two-step cleansing method to remove both oil-based and water-based substances from our skin.

  1. Step 1: to remove oil-based impurities such as excess sebum and makeup. This require a cleanser that can bring oil-based substances such as excess sebum and makeup to the skin surface. These kind of cleansers usually come as cleansing oils, cream, gels or milk.
  2. Step 2: to remove water-based impurities such as dust, bacteria, old skin cells and perspiration. This requires a cleanser that envelops the impurities in a rich lather and washes away all water-based substances. These kinds of cleansers usually come as soaps and foams.

Why do we double cleanse?
Our face is exposed to all elements the whole day. Dust, bacteria and other particles in the air comes in contact with our skin. Meanwhile, perspiration and oils are secreted from our skin. These secretions captures the particles from the air and clings on to them.

How do we double cleanse?

  1. Start with dry skin. Apply the cleanser in five places: the forehead, each cheek, the ridge of the nose, and the chin. Gently massage it into the skin in circular strokes, dissolving the impurities and drawing them out from within the skin. Rinse away with lukewarm water.
  2. Apply the soap on your hand, add a bit of water, then work up a rich lather in your palm. Next, massage this cushion of lather over the face, stroking in small circles. Rinse.

Do you double cleanse as well? If not, are you now convinced to give this method a try?


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