Unboxing: Memebox Superbox #48 Daily Dose of Beauty + Sept 14 Promo Codes

Another Memebox! I went on a little crazy Memebox spree last couple of months – they are just so addictive! As of now I have about 10 Memeboxes that are still yet to be shipped. Crazy much? But I love opening Memeboxes – they’re always stuffed full of goodies!

The shipping date for this was fixed on 27 August and I received this on 3 September, which was a lot faster than the previous times! This box costs USD29, plus USD6.99 for shipping from Korea; I got this with a small discount using coupon codes. This is a Superbox, so every item is full sized.

What is Memebox?
Memebox is a non-subscription mystery beauty box company. Each regular Memebox comes with 4 to 8 full-sized or deluxe sample of Korean products, while Superbox comes with only full sized products. Shipping dates are set by the company; check the product description for information about when the box is scheduled to start shipping.

Memebox Superbox #48 Daily Dose of Beauty

Item 1: [Wed] Yu Choo by Me Steam Silk Hair Pack
Full size. Value of USD9.
Product Description: Effective hair stream treatments can be expensive, but fret not because Memebox has got you covered. This contains argan oil, olive oil and coconut oil – three ingredients renowned for their deep nourishment and restorative properties.
How to use: After towel-drying your hair, wear the steam hair pack like a hat, making sure to tuck in all loose strands using the fastening sticker included. Gently massage with your hands and let is rest for 10-15minutes before rinsing off.
Quick thoughts: This sounds interesting! I don’t take very much care of my hair – just the usual shampoo and conditioner, so this will be a good one to try.

Item 2: [Tues] Sally’s box Delight Hydrogel Mask
Full size, 25g x 3ea. Value of USD13.
Product Description: I threw away the pamphlet that came with the box for these masks as I thought it was useless… only to realise that the product description on the card is wrong! So there’s no product description for this item except that it is 3 masks – the Delight Ceramide Hydrogel Mask, Delight CollagenHydrogel Mask and Delight Panthenol Hydrogel Mask.
Quick thoughts: I love sheet masks! I love hydrogel sheet masks even more! Always very happy to receive sheet masks so I’m glad about these.

Item 3: [Weekend] ProYou S Wrinkle SC Renewal Ampoule
Full size, 50ml. Value of USD96.
Product Description: Most representative from ProYou’s widely acknowledged anti-aging S Wrinkle SC Renewal line, this ampoule delivers deep nutrition, improves skin elasticity and firmness, treats signs of fine lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenates the skin by controlling the skin’s moisture/oil balance. It’s free of parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, artificial coloring, artificial fragrance, and triethanol, while packed with various wrinkle care components such as adenosine, EGF and peptide complex.
How to use: Every morning and night, apply abundantly over your face and neck. Pat it in for full absorbance. Suitable to be used by all skin types.
Quick thoughts: I am a skincare junkie so give me a 50ml bottle of ampoule, and I will love you very much. I can’t wait to give this a try! I don’t have wrinkles, but prevention is better than cure!

Item 4: [Tues] D’ran Aqua Wonder Intensive Renewing Serum
Full size, 45ml. Value of USD43.
Product Description: The glacier water complex used in this delivers intensive moisture and nutrition by absorbing quickly and deeply into the skin. When used after emulsion application, it’ll leave your skin shining with a natural, supple glow.
How to use: Apply adequately over your face and pat it in with your hands for full absorbance.
Quick thoughts: Another huge bottle of skincare? My, my. Glacier water? Skin shining with a natural supple glow? I’m excited already!

Item 5: [Thurs] Grinif Rawganic Jojoba Golden Oil
Full size, 50ml. Value of USD36.
Product Description: ‘Rawganic’ refers to non-processed, purely natural ingredients. This contains over 98% of pure, organic Jojoba oil and works to deliver intense hydration and nutrition to extremely dry skin types by renewing the moisture/oil balance. It’s a multi oil with a lightly absorbing texture and a subtle lavender oil fragrance.
How to use: Mix in with a facial cream, a BB cream, a body lotion, or a hair essence. Can also be used for oil massage. Massage onto your face, moving from inner towards outer contours of your face.
Quick thoughts: A multi functional oil? I think this will be a great addition to my skincare stash! I’ve never really mixed my oils like that but I’ll definitely be giving it a go.

Item 6: [Thurs] Eglips JolieBebe Lip Treatment
Full size, 15ml. Value of USD8.
Product Description: Enriched with shea butter, refreshing lime scent, and moisture rich aloe vera complex, the JolieBebe Lip Treatment delivers instant hydration and nutrition to your dry, chapped lips.

Item 7: [Fri] Croquis Bulgeum Lipstick in 03 Pink Martini
Full size, 3.2g. Value of USD20.
Randomly selected from 01 Campari Orange, 02 Sex on the Beach, 03 Pink Martini
Product Description: With this unique lipstick, there is no need for multiple lip products anymore. Lip essence, Lipstick, lip tint, and lip gloss come together in a single lipstick, it offers a long-lasting, glossy and vivid lip color all at the same time.
Quick thoughts: I’m so glad that I got the pink shade, though I’m skeptical that it will live up to so many claims. But I really like the color so will definitely try it out!

Item 8: [Mon] Cheek Room Eye Shadow in 03 Honey Pink
Full size, 5g. Value of USD8.
Randomly selected from 03 Honey Pink, 08 Gold.
Product Description: Cheek Room’s Eye Shadow features soft, amazingly velvety texture, rich pastel color and long lasting and crease-free wear. It also boosts high levels of adherence and blendability for featuring the most naturally blended and non-smudging color radiance that lasts all day long.
Quick thoughts: I gave this a try this morning and it’s smooth and blendable. There isn’t a lot of color payoff though – just very high shine. It’s nice but not something that I will wear everyday.

This must be my favourite Memebox so far! I think there are a lot of incredible products and… there are so many! 8 items (actually 10 if you count the masks as 1 item each)! I love how there is a theme – Daily Dose of Beauty – so every item has a day assigned to it. This came up to a value of USD233 – of course I think the price is ridiculously inflated, but even if you gave it a 50% discount, it will still be over USD100, far more than what I paid for! I would use/try every product so nothing will be wasted, and technically each item cost me just over USD4.

Did you get this box? What do you think of the items in it?

Here are some September Discount Codes good till 9/29/14 :
1. $5 off on all orders: BE8F or simply clicking through here.
2. $5 off on entire order when purchasing over 3 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3
3. $8 off on entire order when purchasing over 4 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4
4. Free shipping on orders above $70 from Memeshop: FREESHIPPING
5. $5 off on orders above $100: AFFILIATE-8731-6255K-ASPY
6. $10 off on orders above $150: AFFILIATE-0038-IZYH7-AHMA

And click the below for some referral only deals – not sure about end date:
Referral Only Deals
These will get you points that you can use on subsequent purchases! And some other discounts.

*Products are 100% paid for by me. Affiliate links are used in this post.


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