Midweek Peek #14: New Indie Brand – Balm Kitchen

A couple of weekends ago, the bf and I went for a stroll around Orchard and had parked at TripleOne Somerset; as we were getting out, we saw a poster for a flea market that was going on that day, at the 16th floor. We love strolling around flea markets, so couldn’t resist going for a twirl. Plus, it’s indoors, which meant an air-conditioned flea market! Nothing to lose, all to gain!

It was a very small flea market, but being the beauty addict that I am, I still came away with great finds! The one that caught my eye is from this little ‘Indie’ brand called Balm Kitchen. You can see the website here. It was the first time I saw the brand, and when I had a sniff at the lip balms I was just floored, especially the Dark Choccy Lip Balm. I thought OMG it smells exactly like dark chocolate!

The owner was very nice and came over to introduce her brand… which was when she said that all her products are made with real ingredients, no artificial flavouring or scents. Which means… that the Dark Choccy Lip Balm is really made out of dark chocolate!!! How cool is that!?

I didn’t end up buying the Dark Choccy Lip Balm… because she said that there will be a slight brown tint and I don’t particularly like brown on my lips. Plus the bf said to get the Coffee O’holic. The scent for the coffee one is not as strong, but it’s still there – it’s made of Arabica coffee! It doesnt taste like coffee though. I love drinking coffee, so coffee in my makeup? Yes please!

I also got a little sample of their Balancing – Geranium & Rose body balm as a gift for buying the lip balm. So far I’m loving it – it’s moisturizing but not too oily even though it’s made of oils and butters. When rubbed into the skin, the aroma disperses and become stronger – I really love the scent!

I will be stalking this new brand to see if they come out with any more new products… and maybe even pick up a full size body balm soon…


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