Monday Masking #3: Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask

Boo! Now, I think I should have just named this series “scary photo of the week”. πŸ™‚

I’ve featured this range of mask in tons of my empties post and yet I have not dedicated a single post to them! Dermal masks are one of the most affordable masks that I can get my hands on – if they’re on sale, you can get a big bunch of them for slightly less than SGD0.50 each including shipping from Korea, which explains why I have a huge stock of it.

I find most dermal masks the same – the size of the sheets and packaging are definitely similar; the biggest difference lies in the scent. The Royal Jelly Collagen Essence mask does not have a scent, unlike some (but not all) of the fruitier ones from the line.

The sheets are all full of essence – wet enough but not dripping everywhere. I don’t think the impact between the different types of sheet masks differs a lot – they make my skin feels more moisturized, but the claims of ‘anti-aging’ or ‘whitening’ effect on different masks cannot really be seen. I honestly don’t expect to see all that with one mask session; masking is a just relaxing ritual that I love.

Do you use sheet masks regularly too?


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