Random Thoughts #10: Life Goes On…

A wonderful picture of a yummy Lobster roll is always a great way to start a topic about life. If anyone is interested, you can find this at the Dancing Crab at PasarBella @ The Grandstand. It’s one of the best lobster rolls I’ve found in Singapore, at a very affordable price considering how much meat was in it. It came with 2 rolls, but I already ate one before deciding to stop and take a picture. 😛

Anyway back to life. It hasn’t been particularly easy lately, dealing with some corporate politics, and a boss who tries to save himself at the sake of all his subordinates. It was self preservation at its ugliest. It’s ugly but sad at the same time. People whom you thought could be trusted, that you worked so hard for, would be happy to throw you into the fire and put all the blame on you to save themselves.

But it wakes me up to the fact that… no one will be there to protect you in life, but yourself. If you don’t stand up for yourself, your rights, then no one else will. I can complain and whimper, but life will go on and pass me by. I will stand up and fight; but I will not follow in their footsteps… I will rise above and be better, and I will do it in a respectable way.


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