Random Thoughts #11: A Moment to Rest

I wanted to just put up a quick note to let all or any readers know that I’m going away for a holiday starting today – for a week or so – so I won’t be responding to any comments, but please still feel free leave a comment and I will respond when I get back!

I’ve been running on low recently so this holiday is very well timed. Actually I really need a change of work environment but before I find something new, holidays are my only way to stay sane. I can’t explain how low my mood has been; it’s too much to handle – I’m usually a happy person and I can’t deal with so much work politics, all that hate and backstabbing and underhanded, even borderline unlawful, ways to achieve a goal. I believe in doing things the right way.

Thank goodness I’m going to the land of skincare for amazing flawless porcelain skin (can anyone guess where it is!) so that should cheer me up for a good while! I’m hoping to smuggle back a truckload of skincare products, face masks and cute little makeup items – I said smuggle because the bf is going to be keeping tabs on me! I’ve been overdoing my makeup/skincare shopping lately since I’m a stress shopper so he’s got a tight rein on me at the moment. Eeks.

I have a few posts that are pre-written and will automatically be uploaded whilst I’m gone so I’m guessing noone will even realise that I’m actually on holiday… please still feel free to read, comment, anything! Adios! Many hugs and kisses. See you later!


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