Review: Ettusais BB+ Plus Mineral Powder

I can’t remember if I have ever done a review on face powder – come to think of it, that’s weird since I use some sort of powder every single day and I have a huge arsenal of face powders, so finally here’s a review for one! I actually bought this Ettusais BB+ Plus Mineral Powder in Japan on vacation last year, so I got it for less than S$20. I believe it’s sold with a big markup here in Singapore, at about S$38 for 9g of products, which is actually still really affordable for such a large tub of powder.

Claims on website:
Say goodbye to dull makeup and hello to brighter skin! This sheer finishing powder contains essence-in-powder so skin stays baby soft, hydrated and makeup lasts longer! Its light reflecting properties will have your skin glowing and radiant all day!

In Japan, I found this in a regular drugstore alongside other drugstore brands, and it is priced just like Revlon and Maybelline. But in Singapore, this brand has its own stand alone counter in department stores, like a mid to high end brand, so I think that’s probably the reason for the large markup. There was an older version of the Mineral BB Powder, so I guess this is the improved version although I have never tried the original so I cannot say what the difference is.

The container is pretty normal for a loose powder – a round tub with a sifter. The tub is clear so I can see how much powder is left, but with a brown lid. The plastic is very very light, so it does feel like a regular drugstore brand type of packaging, but I wouldn’t call it as travel friendly as it is rather big – it covers my entire palm. It comes with a nice soft puff, which I actually really like.

The powder is very smooth and very finely milled. I find it very comparable, if not better, than some higher end loose powder. The lightness in weight and the size of the particles reminds me of Chanel’s loose powder. In another comparison, Laura Mercier’s mineral loose powder is a lot heavier and the ‘granules’ are visibly bigger. I would liken its texture – its light fluffiness – to a finishing powder, rather than what I usually relate with mineral powders which I have to come to expect to be heavier.

In terms of coverage, I would say that it’s very light. I usually use it to set my BB cream or foundation. It does even out my skin tone a teensy bit, blurring out the flaws, but it’s not enough for me to wear it on its own unless I want to have a no-makeup day. Unless you have Korean movie star kind of clear skin, I doubt that using this powder is enough to even out the skin tone.

Even though the coverage is low, I really like it – as a setting powder. I find that with a good dewy liquid foundation, using this to set keeps the dewiness and the whole look really fresh. I find the longevity to be a little weak – perhaps because it’s so light that I cannot detect it after about 3-4 hours, but during that 3-4hours, my skin looked amazing – very natural but still fresh. This is not a mattifying powder.

I have dry skin, as I’ve said a million times on my blog, so making my skin look dewy and fresh is a never ending quest. If you have oily skin, I actually don’t think this will be suitable because I can’t imagine how long it will last. But if you have dry skin like me and looking for an affordable setting powder that keeps skin glowing, give this a try!

Rating: 3.5/5 as a setting powder, 2/5 as a mineral powder


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