Midweek Peek #16: Moisturizers I’m Currently Using

Being a beauty fanatic, I’m constantly trying different products. At any given time I have a huge load of new products that I’m currently testing; some will eventually turn up in a review, and some of it will be forgotten. Some products I will actually love so much that I use them up even before they appear anywhere but an empties post. So, I wanted to quickly show all of you a peek of some of the moisturisers that I’m currently using and testing before I finish them up or forgot about them!

Aesop Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream
I bought this recently in Australia – I don’t know why since the price difference is not great. I was recommended this by the sales assistant for very dry skin. Lately my skin has been so dry and tight – not sure why, but this so far has been doing a great job. It’s still early days to tell if there are any side effects, but I’m loving how hydrating it is. I’m not a big fan of its strong frankincense scent though!

Belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb
A good size sample – very light in texture, given that it’s a gel. It’s cooling on touch and sinks in really quickly. I’ve just started using this but I’m liking it for use in the day so far.

Oilatum Cream
I got this after watching Nic from Pixiwoos use it all the time in her videos. She has dry skin too so I thought this would be something suitable for me as well. As can be seen from the bottle, I’ve used a good amount of it. I like it on days that my skin are extremely parched, but not for wear during the day as it can be very oily and heavy. It’s a very cheap, unpretentious thick cream for extremely dry skin.

Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream
Another good size sample. This is a very thick but not-so-dense cream – if you get what I mean. It’s kind of like thickened whipped cream. There’s some kind of ‘air’ in it but the texture is definitely more cream like. It’s so hard to explain. Another product for the night because of how thick it is.

I should be doing a full review on these items as I try them out more and have a better feel for them. Have you tried any of them?


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