Review: Chanel Sublimage La Creme Yeux

When I get too stressed at work, one of the things I do is go totally crazy at the beauty counter located not far from my work place. A particular item that I always end up buying is… insanely overpriced eye cream. Somehow, stress always induces me to buy expensive eye cream – when I have worries at work, I think about the wrinkles I’ll get. I have a big bucket of very expensive eye creams to go through, and now I’m not too sure if I am being paid enough for the amount of stress I get at work!

One of my insane purchases is the Chanel Sublimage La Creme Yeux. This costs about S$300. Yes. That’s S$300. For 15g of product. I cannot even begin to explain how I could have parted with S$300 for such a small bottle like this, but I did. I must have been stressed out of my mind.

Claims from website:
Born from the fusion of two botanical treasures with extraordinary action on the signs of aging, the exclusive** Enriched Vanilla Planifolia PFA* unites the fruit and the flower of Vanilla from Madagascar. It targets and stimulates all the “life factors” essential for beautiful skin, improving firmness, radiance, skin tone and hydration. In addition, a specific eye complex reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, which make the eyes look dull and tired. The eyelids are firmed. Specially formulated for the fragile and sensitive eye area, the fragrance-free, sheer, velvety texture melts delicately into the skin, offering a sensation of absolute comfort and softness.

I love the packaging – it’s a very thick glass square pot, which feels luxuriously heavy. It’s not exactly travel friendly because for a pot that holds only 15g of product, it’s really big, almost filling the palm of my hands. It just makes me feel like a rich heiress whenever I use it. Ha. I generally prefer a pump for creams like this for hygiene purposes, but this pot just screams classy to me.

This cream is very thick – much thicker than I expected an eye cream to be. I don’t use it during the day because it can feel a little heavy, and too thick to put makeup over it. As a night time eye cream, I really liked it because it feels really moisturising and comforting. Despite how heavy it is, I didn’t get any issues like milia around my eyes, but I also have very dry skin and almost never have bad reaction to heavy creams. I don’t detect any scent to it.

In terms of effectiveness, I’m not really quite sure. I don’t think it did a great deal for my dark circles – but I can see that they’re slightly less dark than before. I’m nearly 30, but I don’t have wrinkles around my eyes, not much fine lines and no crows feet. But I also take good care of my skin generally and I do not suntan. I think wrinkles… are a combination of genetics, good skincare and outlook of life. It’s hard to say that this did anything for me – because I never had any issues to begin with.

So after all my ramble… do I like it or not? Is it worth splurging S$300 on? I… don’t know. I actually truly enjoyed this eye cream. It was a real struggle for me to review this product – on one hand I really like it, but it was freaking S$300! I can’t see any big results – but I’m also not too sure if this cream was helping to keep all my problems away since I am nearing 30 and I should see some lines but I’m not, or that I am just lucky not to have these issues naturally. But all in all, it was a luxury that I cannot afford again, and I’m glad to have the chance to do so even if I’m S$300 poorer.

Rating: 4/5 if you can afford it!


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